Waiting for the next BOOM

All I hear about these days is how hard poker is to beat and how in the early days a mediocre poker player could make a healthy living off the game, because the opposition was so weak. This frustrates me because I feel like I missed my chance to capitalize on the online poker boom, I feel like my game and bankroll is at a level where if I had the opportunity, I could succeed at online poker if the games were really that juicy.

I reside in beautiful California, and currently it is illegal to play online poker, one of the largest states with the highest player pools and still no legal online poker. I blame PokerStars and there shady practices. PokerStars operated for years illegally in the USA and acquired a fortune without following laws and regulations. On the flip side they did attract more players. Now that California is close to passing laws that would make online poker legal, PokerStars slows up the process by getting in the way of the Indian tribes and the Casinos. Pushing them away from reaching an agreement over the bad actor clause.


Still I grind. On illegal sites, at the mirco stakes, gaining experience, building my bankroll, looking forward to the day California legalizes online poker and we have the next boom. Whenever this happens I’ll be ready, I’ll be ready to capitalize this time because I’m putting in the hours and thousands hands.


I didn’t play Online as much as I regularly do these past 3 weeks, but I was still extremely profitable. At the time of my last post I was at a 128 mbtc bankroll currently I’ve built my bankroll up to 210 mbtc! I played 20 tournaments most 6 max format, with player fields ranging from 18-54 runners, I got a 4th, 3x 3rds, 2x 2nds, and a 1st, winning 82 mbtc. I pick and chose the tournaments I wanted to play and I only entered tournaments when I felt like I was in a extremely focused mental state.


Overall I had great few weeks and I look forward to a successful 2015. I’ll be heading out to the LAPC in a few weeks and I plan to play my best poker game and run extremely good. Wish me luck!!


So untill next time good luck out there.


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